Voice News is a Web News Channel and will soon be moving to the satellite which is located at Bahria Town Lahore (Pakistan). We provide information about detrimental social issues that are constantly growing in our society, as well as political concerns that are essential to our society’s well-being.

The objective of this channel is to draw attention to societal concerns that are becoming harmful to our society. Our team is constantly working to educate society by spreading true information regarding politics, sports, science, technology, societal concerns, and as well as entertainment. After the revolution of technology, it’s become very easy to spread information but the negative aspects in our society also increased like violence, crimes, and negative propaganda due to injustice in our society.

Digital media is therefore nation’s sword arm in the current technological age. The media serves as a watchdog to guard the public interest against injustice and raise awareness. Today, when politicians are using their positions for personal gain and making life miserable for the common people of society.

In this regard, voice news plays a fair role to protect the public interests and spreading awareness for the well-being of Pakistan.